Volksbank Online & Mobile Banking in Austria

Volksbank Online & Mobile Banking in AustriaVolksbank is one of the popular banks around Europe that serves both commercial and private customers. The bank was originally established in 1840 in Germany and has opened up a branch in Austria in 1850.

Currently, the bank is ranked behind Erste Group Bank AG, UniCredit Bank Austria AG, and Raiffeisen Bank International AG.

Volksbank Online/Mobile Banking in Austria

Austrian Volksbanks

The Association of Volksbanks consists of 35 local banks. By 2017, the local banks will merge into 8 regional banks and 2 special banks.

Originally the central service bank was the Osterreichische Volksbanken AG (OVAG) until it lost its bank license. The bank recently transferred the service over to Volksbank Wien AG in Vienna, Austria. The Volksbank Wien AG is now one of the largest banks in the association and is the site of the new head office:

Address: Kolingasse 14-16
1090 Wien
Phone: 43 1401 37-0
DUR number: 18449

Bank’s Services

There is an extensive list of services for the customers to choose from on the website. But, the most popular choices include:

  • digital banking
  • electronic banking
  • opening up various accounts
  • credit cards
  • and loans.

Digital Bank

Digital Banking is a part of the bank’ online platform. Customers have the option to choose from three apps (Quick, TAN, or Banking App) and download them from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. All apps can work on Android/iPhone smartphone or atablet, are free to current customers, and have a secure log in system that lets customers log in using Touch ID (fingerprint) or QuickID (4-digit pin). The slogan for this is individual, clear, and fast.

  • Bank App: has the same functions as on the website, can transfer money to any contact, show all branch and ATM locations
  • Quick App: retrieve current bank balances and revenues
  • TAN app: share transactions to digital banks and view financial charts and graphs

Electronic Banking

  • Customers can view their bank statements and current balances
  • Use account management options
  • Send international payments
  • Allow cash withdrawals without an ATM card
  • View live stock exchange rates.

Bank Accounts

Customers have an option to choose from private, corporate, youth, or student accounts.

Log in to Online Banking

Simply click on the internet banking login icon and click on the first login. This will prompt the customer to fill out some secure information and create their username/password.

ATM Cards

Every ATM card has a GEOControl feature, a part of a high-security system that avoids fraud and identity theft. The cards can be used in any Volksbank ATM all over Europe.

To make payments, customers can use the contactless method, when they need to place the card just above a wave logo. No PIN is required for such transactions, but this method can only be used for transactions up to 25 EUR.