Services provided by Volksbank in Austria

Services, provided by Volksbank in AustriaWith over 4,400 employees in 35 locations, Volksbank serves customers across Austria. The bank offers its clients a variety of services, including private accounts, mortgages, car leasing, advising, and more. Clients can also take advantage of their online banking services for a quick and efficient banking experience.

Services, provided by Volksbank in Austria

Types of accounts

Volksbank offers multiple accounts to suit each client’s individual needs. Clients can apply for a basic private account, which provides a place to store their savings. The account includes a debit card that enables contactless payment for small transactions. The card can be used and reloaded at ATMs across the country.

For young adults, the bank offers a youth account with a number of benefits, including:

  • discounts at various stores
  • free payment transfers
  • no monthly fees
  • coupons
  • online banking
  • and more.

College students are eligible for a similar account that offers features like bonus points, an insured credit card, and online banking.

Savings accounts

The bank also offers services to help people save their money. Clients can open a savings account for themselves, or start an account for a child or a newborn baby. The child’s account comes with a comic book and bonus features to help educate children about saving their money. Adults are eligible for a savings account with high-interest rates, frequent transactions, PIN security, and other benefits.

Banking cards

Clients can also apply for a credit card through Volksbank. The bank offers a selection of cards, each with a different set of features. Every card comes with a standard set of options, such as:

  • contactless payment
  • online banking
  • concierge services
  • travel insurance
  • free SMS
  • and payment confirmation.

The cards can be used at more than 50 million locations around the world.

More services

Additional products include life insurance, which provides flexible coverage and premiums. Clients can choose from a large one-time premium or pay a small premium each month.

In addition, Volksbank offers pension plans to help customers plan for the future.

For business owners, the bank offers several products too. The business account allows clients to:

  • process business transactions
  • make salary payments
  • settle invoices
  • pay utilities
  • view records
  • and more.

Each account comes with a Maestro card and access to online banking.

How to apply

To apply for their services, customers must fill out a form on the bank’s site for more details. Clients cannot apply for services directly online, but they can visit a local branch.

A map can be found on the Volksbank site to help customers find their nearest branch.