Services Available at Raiffeisen Bank

Services Available at Raiffeisen BankFor anyone looking to manage their income, finance their projects, or invest wisely, a bank is an invaluable resource. Banks provide a wide range of services beyond the typical savings accounts.

Raiffeisen Bank is one of the largest in Europe. Founded in the 1800s, it has served over 14.2 million customers across Europe.

Services Available at Raiffeisen Bank

Business services

The bank has a wide selection of services available to business owners. It finances various projects across the Europe, with special products offered in the areas of trade, real estate, M&A, and others.

In real estate sector, the bank provides financing for offices, housing, malls, hotels, parks, and other properties. It also leases equipment like used vehicles and work equipment, and even aircraft and real estate.

Services for consumers

Also, the bank offers services to individuals. Customers looking to invest their money can work with RBI to choose the investments that help them reach their goals.

The bank offers investment products like bonds, funds, and shares, and works with clients to develop a personal investment strategy.


For those interested in investments, RBI offers advice to help their clients find success. The bank’s level of research and expertise in the field enables them to create tailor-made solutions.

Banking cards

In addition to these products, the bank offers a variety of cards to help customers make payment and manage their money:

  • Air Berlin & NIKI card to collect miles and get a travel insurance
  • MasterCard, which can be used to pay for products wherever it is accepted.

Both cards come with extra features like a monthly credit statement and a controlled limit.

Some clients might prefer the LOAD card for online shopping, while others might prefer the CardMobile card, which allows holders to pay through their mobile phone, as these cards can be used at ATMs in the country.

How to apply for bank’s services

To apply for the bank’s services, customers can contact RBI by phone, by fax, or by email. Clients can also contact bank directly by using the contact info on the web site or filling out the online form.

Additionally, clients can visit the bank by checking the map on their site and following the directions.