How to Open an Account at Bank Austria

How to Open an Account at Bank AustriaBank Austria is one of the largest banks in Europe, with 6,700 employees spread across 170 branches. It operates as a member of UniCredit, a banking network with 2,240 branches in 17 countries. 

Accounts and Services

The Bank Austria offers a selection of bank accounts, each with a different set of needs in mind.

How to Open an Account at Bank Austria

The Relax Account is for clients who deposit and withdraw often, while the Online Account is geared toward clients who prefer online banking.

The PerfectFit account is for clients who save their money and withdraw often. Each account comes with a monthly service charge that includes maintenance fees, account statements, access to the mobile banking app, and 24 hour support.

Each account also comes with a banking card that allows clients to make purchases, use ATMs, participate in the CashBack program, and more.

Online banking

Through online banking, clients can access to the following features:

  • view their balance online and review their transactions
  • change their personal details
  • request account statements
  • and take advantage of other features.

Clients must request online banking at their local bank branch to receive access. They can also download a mobile app, which allows them access to all products through their tablet or smartphone.

Services for businesses

For businesses, the bank offers a variety of services to help owners manage their finances. It provides assistance with payments, which allows businesses to make transactions across the world.

Clients have an option to can sign up for BusinessNet, giving them access to a secure banking portal to use multiple accounts and other features. Please note, that there is a monthly fee for the service.

Opening an account

For clients who want to apply for an account, the bank offers a form on their site. After filling out the form, clients will receive a response from the bank with more info.

The procedure is the same for both personal and business accounts. Both residents and non-residents can apply for an account, but non-residents just need to fill out a separate form.