ERSTE Bank Online and Mobile Banking

ERSTE Bank Online and Mobile BankingERSTE bank is part of one of the largest banking groups in Austria, with a wide range of services offered to both individuals and businesses.

Clients can open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, purchase insurance, and more. In recent years, ERSTE has also developed apps and programs for mobile banking to give customers access to their accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ERSTE Bank Online and Mobile Banking

ERSTE Bank Online Services

For mobile banking, ERSTE offers George, an online banking app that gives clients instant access to their bank accounts. With this app, clients can:

  • view a basic account overview
  • transfer money to other bank accounts to any recipients in Austria, or outside the country
  • manage their credit cards
  • increase their credit limit
  • lock the card in case of a theft
  • or edit their payment details.

George keeps a record of all transactions, making it easy for clients to keep track of their finances. The app also supports Touch ID technology, which gives customers access to their account with the touch of their fingerprint.

In addition to George, clients can also download the Kontakt app, which offers instant access to ERSTE customer service. All conversation through the app is truly private and secure, with direct access to a personal advisor at the local ERSTE branch. If the advisor is not available, clients can use the app to request a callback.

How to Apply to a Bank Account in ERSTE

To apply for George app, clients can get access through the ERSTE website. This product is available to current customers only, while new customers must apply for a bank account first. After filling out the application form on the website, clients receive a set of access data and a user agreement that requires a signature. Clients sign the form and take it to their local ERSTE branch to have their account activated. Then, the clients have full access to George and its features and benefits. For assistance, clients can send an email, call the phone number listed on the website, visit a branch, or book an appointment at their local ERSTE location.

Other mobile apps

George can be accessed through laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Other ERSTE apps include:

  • George Go app
  • QuickCheck app, which gives customers quick access to their information without logging in
  • and the Hilfreich app, which allows customers to donate to various charities.

Like George Go, they are completely free, with no hidden charges or advertisements.