Bank Austria Online & Mobile Banking Services

Bank Austria Online & Mobile Banking ServicesBank Austria one of the largest banks in the country with very strong capital establishments. The bank has over 7000 employees serving clients in 300 branches.

It offers clients access to international markets, and also serving as a hub to Unicredit bank for its network in Eastern and Central Europe.

Bank Austria Online & Mobile Banking Services

Online platform

Bank Austria has an online banking platform that provides its customers with up-to-date account info 24 hours a day based on top security standards. Most of these services can be used through the mobile banking as well.

The main features offered by the online and mobile banking are:

  • Check the account balance
  • Get a list of transactions on the client’s account
  • Make SEPA payments
  • Set up standing orders
  • Block banking cards
  • Order banking card, change PIN and card limits
  • Edit the client’s personal dat
  • Get a monthly Cashback statement, subscribe & unsubscribe for the service
  • Opt-in or -out for the electronic statements.

To use online banking, a client needs a PC with internet access and login details. A customer can register online or at any branch.

Mobile app

To use mobile banking, the customer needs to have a smart phone or tablet and a valid online banking login details. Clients can download the mobile banking app directly from the app store on their smart phone or follow the links given.

Bank Austria has made it easy for mobile banking app to settle banking transactions easily through the smart phones or tablets anywhere in the world.

When paying bills, a QR code scanner is used in the place of inserting numbers. The code is created by only generating a QR code having details of the payee and sharing this the social media and friends for easier transfers to customers’ accounts.

The ATM locator shows locations of all ATMs in Austria. There are full tablet versions for Android operating systems and iOS. The app is available for Android and iPhone.