Accounts and Services at ERSTE bank in Austria

Accounts and Services at ERSTE bank in AustriaThe ERSTE Bank is part of one of the largest banking networks in Austria. The bank provides services not only to consumers, but to small and large-scale businesses.

The ERSTE bank also offers specialized products for people in specific fields, like doctors and nurses, lawyers, accountants, and more.

Accounts and services

For customers looking to open a bank account, ERSTE offers a variety of options tailored to different clients.

Accounts and Services at ERSTE bank in Austria

Clients can choose from the such types as:

  • current account with all the basic features,
  • student account with no monthly fees and a student discount card
  • young person’s account for clients 19 or younger
  • and an account specially made for parents on maternity leave.

Each account comes with a different set of features geared toward the certain lifestyle.

Creating an account also gives clients access to “George”, the bank’s online program, which can be used through both smartphone and PC.

Banking cards and other products

In addition, the bank offers credit cards to use in person on online. The Visa cards come with travel insurance upon request. Clients can also buy prepaid cards that are pre-loaded with a set amount. These cards can be used in countless businesses across Europe, and are re-loadable.

For clients looking to save their money, the bank also offers a selection of savings accounts.

In addition, the bank offers investment options to help clients invest their money wisely. Products include bonds, funds, and real estate investment.

For those looking for finance, the bank provides mortgages, car leasing, and loans for other purchases.

Services for Businesses

The bank also offers a variety of services to business owners. Small businesses are eligible for business accounts and credit cards, as well as advice to help them meet their specific financial needs. Clients can also apply for financing to cover the cost of machinery, office equipment, and other supplies.

How to Apply

Online applications are not possible. To apply for one of the bank’s services, clients must make an appointment and visit a local branch. The bank site provides a map to help find their nearest location. Clients can also call a 24-hour service hotline.